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First UK Station Domination Campaign Goes Viral

by | 30 Jun, 2016 | Travel Industry Updates

On the 26th of May 2016, the Department of Tourism released the documentation video of the London Waterloo Station Domination on YouTube and Facebook which was instantly picked up by various publications globally.

The campaign had gone viral and was well received and shared worldwide. Numerous publications and social media accounts, both private and institutional, picked up the campaign video and featured it on their own online platforms.

The following pages compiles the coverage generated by the campaign video on different platforms and media.

The estimated consolidated social media reach hit 9.5Million (data as end of June 2016) from not just government and private organisations, publications, travel media, marketing groups and blogs of institutions but importantly, it had been widely spread by individuals in their personal accounts to their own connections that triggered various consumer engagements to an estimated 750,000 in reactions, comments, likes, shares and mixed sentiments from all over the world with not just Filipinos but with non-Filipinos as well.
Our platforms were filled with congratulatory messages, feel good thumb ups, wows, amazing, brilliant and heartwarming words of appreciation to the Philippine Department of Tourism.