El Nido Airport

For the first three months, the country’s tourism grew by double digits at 13.17 percent in January, 20.42 percent in February and 11.86 percent in March. The total number of inbound visitors recorded from January – March 2016 already reached 1,391,836 or a 15.12% growth from the same period in 2015.

Korea supplied the biggest arrivals to the country with a total of 383,544 arrivals for the first quarter of 2016. This market accounted for 23.94% of the total arrivals. The United State of America ranked as the 2nd -visitor generating market with 231,233 visitors constituting 14.43% of the total, an 8.02% increase from its arrivals of the same period last year.

China which provided 184,512 visitors secured the 3rd spot with an 11.52%share to the total, Japan followed with 143,624 visitors. The 5th major market was Australia with its 67,256 arrivals.

Rounding up the top ten visitor arrivals are Canada with 53,301 arrivals and Taiwan with 52,102 arrivals. The United Kingdom maintained its position as the highest source market from Europe and the 8th highest overall with 49,097 arrivals and a 22.53% growth rate over the first quarter figures last year. Singapore followed with 44,441 arrivals and finally Malaysia with 36,601 arrivals.

In addition to the top 10 markets, countries with high substantial growth rate in inbound traffic are: Hong Kong, Germany, India, France, Spain with 7,748 arrivals (+ 30%), Sweden with 9,870 arrivals (+21.09%), Switzerland with 9,390 arrivals (+15.61%), Netherlands with 8,921 arrivals and Denmark with 6,776 arrivals (+29.34%)

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