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When we dream of traveling, we imagine all the beautiful places we want to go to. Discover what breathtaking sceneries and memorable activities you can enjoy in the Philippines

Filipino Cuisine

From renowned favorites to unique local delicacies, Filipino food is bursting with flavors that will satisfy diverse palates.

Foodtripping the Philippines

Join us on a Food Trip around the Philippines and experience Filipino cuisine from the comfort of your home. Taking us on this epic foodie adventure are four UK-based Filipino Chefs who will be showing YOU how to recreate a popular Filipino dish.

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Learn more about the Philippines’ top tourism spots here. Know about the country’s renowned attractions, best activities, diverse cuisine, and rich culture.


If your middle name is party, then Boracay, the island of 24/7 fun is definitely for you! The 5km long White Beach, voted one of the top 25 beaches in the world in Tripadvisor’s 2015 Traveller’s Choice Awards, has helped put Boracay on the map. While the powder white sand and crystal blue waters are a draw, its the fun, party spirit of Boracay that keeps people coming back for more.


Head to Carmen to tour the famous Chocolate Hills – more than 1,268 grass-covered limestone domes that are nearly symmetrical in shape and height. The picturesque hills turn a distinct shade of brown during the dry season and give them a passing resemblance to a certain confectionary treat, hence their name. To give your sightseeing an extra kick, try touring the hills by ATV.


The province has 13 towns and one city, Olongapo, that are all accessible via public air-conditioned buses from Cubao or Pasay in Metro Manila. Despite its proximity to major cities, Zambales remains the bastion of the Aeta. They were the earliest Filipinos to migrate to the archipelago more than 10,000 years ago – thousands of years even before the Austronesian migration.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the Philippines has implemented temporary travel restrictions to contain the spread of the virus. We urge you to stay home and follow community quarantine protocols.  LEARN MORE

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the Philippines has implemented temporary travel restrictions.  LEARN MORE

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