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—New Philippine Tourism Ad Is 100% Crowd-Sourced


The Philippines made bold moves to drive sustainable tourism efforts in 2018 with the six-month closure, rehabilitation, and successful re-opening of its most popular destination—Boracay. Now, to kick off the year in 2019, is a refreshed and vibrant relaunch of its signature tourism campaign—It’s More Fun in the Philippines.


A tourism campaign made by the tourists


The popularity of the campaign has helped in encouraging millions to post their photos, videos, and comments online to show why it’s more fun in the Philippines. And the number continues to grow daily. Inspired by this, the country’s new campaign uses only real images, footage, and reviews shared online by tourists to tell stories that are truly authentic.


“It’s a 100% crowd-sourced campaign made entirely by people who have experienced firsthand why it’s more fun in the Philippines,” a Department of Tourism official says.


An invitation to be part of the fun


At the heart of the relaunch is an invitation for Filipinos and foreigners alike, to ‘Be Part of the Fun.’  This call to action enjoins tourists to share more of their photos, videos, and reasons why they like the country with #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines in hopes of getting featured in upcoming advertising materials.


To capture the spirit of participation, the Department introduces a new design system that is rooted in traditional motifs & colors. A custom-made font called “Barabara” has been created—and made free-for-use—drawing on the Filipino style of hand-painted lettering. Supporting this, a new logo, inspired by local woven textiles, is the core of a fresh graphic identity system that symbolizes a fun, contemporary, and more sustainable tourism offering.


More fun forever


The new campaign is grounded in sustainability—zero commissioned footage equals a smaller carbon footprint. Instead, the supplied images were recognized through contributions made towards the preservation of the Philippines’ natural resources.  By using 100% crowd-sourced material, everyone who took part has helped create the country’s most sustainable tourism campaign to date.

To view the launch video click here

To get the downloadable font and be part of the fun