With over 7,000 islands and a magnificent coastline, the Philippines deserves it’s nickname Asia’s Diving Capital. Spectacular drop-offs, deep dives, caves, wrecks, and a richly varied marine life await the visitor.

The variety of hard and soft corals is amazing . there are more than 500 species (the entire Caribbean only has around 60). Divers commonly see sharks, rays, moray eels, octopus, and sea snakes, along with innumerable species of fish, including groupers, jack, tuna, surgeonfish, parrot fish, sweetlips and lionfish, to name a few.

Of the 100,000 known species of shellfish, over 21,000 are found here, including many that are unique to the Philippines. It’s a diver’s paradise

“Tubbataha Reef should be on the bucket list of every serious diver,” says author and underwater photographer Robert Yin. To get there, you would have to book a live-aboard trip. Worth it, for hundreds of feet of visibility, and sharks and other pelagics at every turn.